Private Excursion to Girona* (Gerona)

Cobbled streets and testimonials of a lost heritage

Girona is a small town one hour drive north of Barcelona which has also managed to maintain most of its medieval quarter, whose main feature are the Gothic ensemble made by the Cathedral and surrounding buildings, including the fortifications, now converted into pleasant gardens among medieval ramparts, towers and turrets, and the medieval Jewish Quarter or Call.

During our exploration of the Call, we shall also visit the Bonastruc ça Porta Centre, which organizes temporary exhibitions and other cultural activities related to the Jewish heritage and houses the Nahmamides Institute for Jewish Studies and the Museum of the History of the Jews.

* Girona in Catalan language and Gerona, in Spanish.

The feel: An authentic medieval town, complete with fortifications, castle-looking churches, steep and winding streets... mostly untouched yet by modernity... though this is changing very rapidly, as Gerona is now on the routes of several low-cost airlines.

Cathedral of Girona
From its elevated location, Girona's Cathedral presides over the medieval quarter.

Lanes of Girona Jewish District or Call
Narrow lanes of the Call or medieval Jewish District.