Meet our Barcelona Tour Guides:


Barcelona Tour Guides' Patrick

Patrick is the founder, manager and webmaster of this web site, besides being a licensed tour guide himself.
He has a very diverse and rich background: of French origin, he settled in Barcelona in 1982 after traveling extensively, mostly in Asia.

Before becoming a Local Tour Guide of Barcelona, Patrick was a tour escort specialized in Asia, honing his skills at group dynamics.

His main areas of expertise are architecture-related fields (urban planning, engineering etc.) though he is also comfortable with art and history and has an intimate knowledge of Barcelona's special trees.

His languages are: English, French, Spanish and Hindi.

Barcelona Tour Guide: Monica

As a native of Barcelona, she is able to offer an insider look into the city, its architecture and history, its customs and legends without forgetting current social issues and hidden spots worthy to visit.
As Monica has lived in London for several years and traveled to many countries, she has had the opportunity of meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds, which she enjoyed a lot.

Now, after being in the tourist industry for already 7 years, she has gained the ability to naturally work and interact with people of diverse origins.

Of enthusiastic and easygoing nature, she feels an authentic passion for her hometown, inherited from her father, a real estate developer who loved Barcelona and its architecture.

Her main areas of expertise are: VIP, gastronomy, shopping and family tours.

Her languages are: English, Spanish and Catalonian.


Tour Guide of Barcelona: Guillem A native of Menorca, Guillem holds degrees in Humanities, Tourism Management and Master in Cultural Communication. He started his career as a tour guide in 1990 and has worked as a travel agent and tour leader, travelling to numerous countries of Asia, Africa and North America.
From 1997 he works as a professional licensed guide based on Barcelona and often times gives lectures about the history of Catalonia and the art of Antoni Gaudí. He is fluent in English, French and Italian through the experience of living in San Francisco, Paris and Florence.
His passion for history and culture has turned him into a skilled interpreter of the heritage of Catalonia: “I love to see how, at the end of the tours, the visitors understand and appreciate better what they’ve seen and experienced”.

His languages are: English, French, Italian, Spanish and Catalonian.


Barcelona Tour Guide Susanna Susanna was educated in music since she was a child, and became graduated in Flute and Opera Singing, which included different subjects like Art History.
World cultures have always been part of her life, having pen pals around the world since she was 16; it even became one of her favorite hobbies. That was the beginning of most of her travel adventures around the world, attending some pen pal weddings abroad or being a guest at their homes in countries like Italy, USA, Mauritius, Indonesia, South Korea or Argentina. She just took a round-the-world trip during 3 months just visiting friends.

Once she moved from her homeland Valencia to Barcelona, the guest became the host. It happened in 2010, when the soprano quit the tough and elitist opera business to become an enthusiastic, knowledgeable, down-to-earth licensed guide of Catalonia. The best extra for her tours: visitors can be delighted by a piece of aria in one of the gorgeous spots Barcelona can offer.

Her expertise skills are Music, Art & History, VIPs, Foodie tours, Family tours and Personal shopper.

Her languages are: English, French, Italian and Portuguese.

Barcelona Tour Guide: Monica

Anna has a degree in Tourism Management & East Asian Studies (Specialized in Japanese Language & Society). She lived and worked in France and Japan for three years before coming back to her home town of Barcelona where she started on her own as a tour guide:
«I'm in love with my homeland Catalonia & my passion is to let you know our heritage.»


William started working as a tour guide after finishing his masters degree in Fine Arts at Barcelona University, in the spring of 1992, the Olympic summer that Barcelona appeared on the map.
His first assignment ever was taking the "Dream Team" and their supporters to and from the games and around the city: "Very nice people, though sport isn't something I know much about.

Tour Guide of Barcelona: William

He loved Barcelona because it has folklore and culture and fashion, but its particular history has left it somehow devoid of identity; the result is that the capital of Catalunya is ceaselessly reinventing itself, creativity is part of life...

Barcelona is a stage. The script of the play is uncertain but I continually rise to the challenge of at least introducing my guests to the main characters, see the bits fall into place, watch it all make as much sense as possible.

His languages are: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Catalonian.


Barcelona Tour Guide María María fell in love with Barcelona when she settled there in 1992, coming originally from the Basque Country in northern Spain. She was then a recently graduated journalist, fond of reading, music, travelling, foreign languages, knowledge and fun.
She learnt Catalan language, got instructed in culture of Barcelona and Catalonia, and eventually succeeded in passing the official examination to become a licensed tour guide here.
She has also guided group tours in Europe, Africa, Asia and America.
Caution: You will find her passion for Barcelona and for life to be contagious…

María’s main areas are history, literature, music, art and gastronomy. She specializes in "Music and Gastronomy" tours.

Her languages are Spanish, English, German and Catalan.


Barcelona Tour Guide: Cayetano Born and raised in Barcelona, Cayetano is passionate about his city that he defines as very respectful with its roots and heritage, but young and innovative at the same time. He holds a five year degree in Art History, as well as a Hospitality and Tourism degree, and he is fond of history, art, gastronomy... the Mediterranean way of life.
   «I am eager to share my knowledge about Barcelona with you.»


Tour Guide of Barcelona: Olga Olga was born in Barcelona but her passion for other cultures and communication led her to travel around the world and increase her knowledge.

She obtained a Tourism degree in 1991 and since then has being working as a tour director to worldwide destinations as well as a tour guide in Barcelona & Catalonia She happened to give some of the very first guided tours of Gaudi's masterpiece, the Holly Family Church, and specialized in cultural visits for local associations and entities in order to bring the city closer to its people.

Her main areas of expertise are: VIPs, art and architecture, gastronomy, shopping and family tours

Her languages are: English, German, Italian, Spanish and Catalonian


Tour Guide of Barcelona: OriolBorn in Barcelona from a Catalan family with long entrepreneurial tradition, Oriol has been around long enough to have experienced the tremendous changes in Barcelona & Catalonia over the past 30 years and more specifically the radical renovation of Barcelona city in the pre and post Olympic years.

Running a French-Catalan restaurant in Barcelona gave Oriol a great understanding of the delicacies of Catalan Cuisine. He follows the Catalan tradition of loving his country through nature. Hiking in the mountains of Catalonia he learned about heritage and history. Oriol has a degree in travel management.
He is an official guide for the Catalan region and his specialities are Modernism and Gaudi Architecture.

His languages are English, French, Spanish and Catalonian


Barcelona Tour Guide: Marie Marie grew up in Western France, studied in Paris and Angers for 3 years and became a National Guide for France's cultural and historical heritage.
Her relation to Spain started as a teenager when she traveled to Barcelona for the 1992 Olympics: "I still feel my very first impression that Barcelona managed to combine its strong culture and folklore inherited from a rich History with a dynamic claim for belonging to the Europe of Future. Catalonia seduced me with its tradition keeping though progressive spirit."

In 2003 Mary settled in Barcelona after licensing as a Tour Guide of Catalonia. And here she is ...passionate, working independently and so happy to meet with people from all around the world, as tourism is flourishing in Spain, and especially here in Barcelona.

Her Languages are: French, English and Spanish


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Only licensed guides can offer you the benefits of hiring a guide or arranging a private tour.

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A license also demonstrates the commitment of its holder as a professional with a long-term focus of his / her practice.

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will grant you instant access to even the most crowded sights and museums; will take you openly to the best spots and viewpoints; is well known and welcomed by the staff on the main venues, etc.

A non-licensed guide will sneak you around at the main sights by fear of a fine or interpellation by a tourist board inspector or a licensed tour guide.