al Private Excursion to Figueres Dalí Museum

Full Day Private Excursion to Salvador Dalí Museum in Figueres

Enter the biggest surrealist object in the world!

The first town of some size when you drive into Spain from France, Figueres is Salvador Dalí's birthplace and where he spent most of his life. Back in the sixties, Figueres's Mayor once told Dalí: "It would be nice of you if you donated a painting to your home town." Dalí answered: "No! I'll give you a whole museum!"

Then, after almost fifteen years of personal supervision by Dalí himself, the Dalí Theatre-Museum was inaugurated in 1974 and not only as a recipient for art works but also as an artwork in its own right: the biggest surrealist object in the world! in Dalí's own words.

Actually, there are so many works on display they do not fit all in the Museum and spill over the square and streets next to it.

Besides visiting the Dalí Theatre-Museum, we'll also have the opportunity to walk through Figueres and see the house where he was born and spent his early childhood.

The feel: Dalinian of course... Even if it was not planned, the place is well worth the excursion.

Salvador Dalí Museum in Figueres at night
The Dalí Theatre-Museum at night.
Dalí bought the former municipal theatre of Figueres, which laid abandoned and in ruins. To him, it was the perfect place as it matched his dramatic personality (or personalities?).

Laberynth by Dali, at the Figueres Dali Museum
The Labyrinth, Dalí this set for a Broadway musical (1947).