Hotels in the Gothic Quarter and Born district

Pietat Street This is the historical district of Barcelona and has plenty of important landmarks such as the Cathedral, Roman remains, the civic center with the City Hall, the regional Government of Catalonia, the former medieval royal palace and many others. Its narrow lanes are also rich in hotels, cafés, eateries, trendy shops...

The whole area is a pedestrian-only "island" and some hotels there can be difficult to reach by car, but it is also the most pleasant part of town when on foot. And it is within easy walking distance of both la Rambla and the trendier area of the Old Town known as Born.

Gothic Quarter does not mean that all the buildings there are from the Gothic period: actually, they date back to plenty of time periods ranging from the 1st BC, when the city was founded, to the 21st century and often in the same building!

Our favorite hotels in the Gothic Quarter and Born district

5 stars: Felip Neri, Mercer, Ohla, The Serras, Grand Hotel Central, The Wittmore.

4 stars: Colón, Catedral, H10 Montcada, Catalonia Born, Duquesa de Cardona, K+K Picasso

3 stars: Banys Orientals, Suizo, Rec Contal.

Most of the Old Town is a pedestrian-only area with serious restrictions of traffic, a point that has to be taken into account if you have mobility problems and need to be picked up right at the door of the hotel, or if you have a lot of luggage, etc.

Via Laietana is the only wide avenue open to transit that crosses the entire Old Town connecting the Port (Port Vell marina) to the Eixample district.

Hotels on Via Laietana: Ohla Hotel, Grand Hotel Central, H10 Montcada, Colón, Suizo, HCC Montblanc, Colonial.

Aerial view of Barcelona Old Town
Only 2 drivable sreets cross the Old Down: La Rambla, in the center of the photo & Vía Laietana to its right. The philosophy being: walk through or drive around.

Remains of the Roman wall
Remains of a tower of the 4th c. Roman wall.